September 20th, 2021


Wolf's Instinct release

I wrote this book straight from my heart, because I wanted a book just like this at the time.

It’s got good people who are great for each other, with a sweet happy ever after and a good helping of spice. It’s got just enough grit to ground it, just enough villain mustache-twirling to keep things interesting, a slight twist on the usual trope of fated mates, and a small town with secrets. It stars a swoon-worthy single dad and a capable young woman who levered herself out of a bad situation and has to learn to trust her heart again, and they’re honest and real with each other. And kids. It has adorable and hilarious shifter kids being adorable and hilarious and I could write all day about Gil the enthusiastic armadillo shifter pre-schooler who keeps forgetting his clothes, and Amy the fledgling owl toddler, and Tara the [spoiler], and Gabby with her love of blueberries.

This was my gentle-with-myself, write-what-I-want, just-for-me, ice-cream-straight-from-the-container escape after what had been a very long and hard year and I hope that you love it half as much as I do.

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