May 1st, 2021


April Month in Review, Goals for May

Looking back at April:

This was the best writing month I’ve had since January of 2020. I wrote 38,075 words, most of it Wolf’s Instinct, a little on Hare Today, and absolutely none on the Flamingo novel that I am definitely not writing and have certainly not shared excerpts of.*

I released two things: Balance and Prompted 2. I had zero expectations for either (the former being a reprint of a short story, the latter being a collection of flash fiction that was free for readers for some time prior to launch) and was satisfied by their reception.

I did a little desultory sketching.

I took some photos.

Looking forward to May:

I plan to write 30k. I would like to write more.

I would like to finish Wolf’s Instinct and Hare Today. (AND NOT FLAMINGO)

I plan to publish Fire Control (revised and expanded!) and Project: Hug (for your pocket! And also with new outcomes!).

I would like to do a little artwork! I’m not going to bite off MerMay, though I am looking forward to doing Junicorn.

*This is a lie. I wrote close to 2k on it. Originally posted at Dreamwidth: (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)