March 29th, 2021


The Dragon Prince's Bride

I have a new book out today, and I'm so excited for it! <3

You can find it on Amazon (and in Kindle Unlimited) here:
(This should take you to the the correct country site)

It's... a little different than the first two books in the series, which were rags to riches stories. This one is almost a riches to rags - Tray and Leinani have to make do a lot in this story. It plays on some of my favorite tropes: stuck together, an engagement to the wrong person, some A-level pining, but most of all, good people making each other better and really genuinely caring for each other. There is actual story (around the sweet, frequently hilarious angst), with plot and intrigue and there are even a few action scenes, plus my second favorite marriage proposal ever. They are beautifully honest with each other, largely because they have to be, and I got to do some of the juicy magical world-building that I love so much.

And the set up for the next book is maybe a tiny bit of a bombshell. (I can't WAIT to write it.)

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