July 31st, 2020


July in review...and August goals

July was a mixed bag, as most of them are.

I wrote just a little over 25,000 words, spread out over seven short stories (mostly Shifting Sands and one for Green Valley) and four novels. Most of that was on Gryphon of Glass, but I also finished adding scenes to The Dragon Prince's Librarian, started The Dragon Prince's Bride, and Shifting Sands Academy (possibly to be The Bear in the Library...and then the Dragon in the Science Lab and the Gryphon in the Gym, etc).

It wasn't my 30k goal, but it was a lot of words, and a lot of things FINISHED. I finished my personal round of revisions on DPL. I also revised the entire Tropical Tails collection, and the Christmas collection for Shifting Sands. I also did edits on a short lesfic for an anthology and outlined another.

I also got all of the #Junicorn artwork orders filled and paid the Food Bank $621, which delights me.

I started working on #magicalpets art cards mid-month, and have completed five (I expect the two on my desk will be finished today, bringing my total to 7)! I'm not making this a specific challenge like #junicorn - if I do 30, that's awesome, but I probably won't. I'll close off commissions at the end of the month, or sooner if I get swamped. You are welcome to send me photos of a pet you'd like to see with wings or magical trappings, no obligation to buy the finished product, but you get first dibs. Requests and prompts welcome.

This is, obviously, one of my August goals, to do more Magical Pets.

Also: 20k in various words. I have the first two readers' notes for DPL, and I suspect a chunk of this will be two or three new scenes in this book. The rest will be in Gryphon of Glass, which I hope to finish/revise in September and release in October. If I have spare energy or need a break, I want to finish the first chapter of The Dragon Prince's Bride, and write a short Royal Dragons prequel story as a reader magnet.

And...that's it? I may release a book this month, or they may go out in September. It depends on how smoothly edits on DPL and Tropical Tails go, and what the rest of the Zoe schedule is, and what airplanes fall out of the sky on the house...oh, and how the start of school goes, too.

We're signed up for distance learning, and I have no real idea what that's going to look like, like 90% of the parenting world right now. I am doing my best to be zen about this!

I guess that's it! Do you have big plans for August? Any accomplishments from July you'd like to share? Originally posted at Dreamwidth: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1729242.html (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)