November 11th, 2019


Nano Progress report...

I have been committing art. And writing.

Dragon of Glass revisions are done, print cover is laid out, it's got a new epilogue and about about 5k new words in total (which is lovely, because it was too short!), and I'm super excited to release it next week! I did a lot of new things for me. (And for Zoe, for that matter.) I'm really curious to see how it does and am basically going in with no expectations. I'll have pre-order up later this week!

Dragon Prince's Quest is almost at 18k, and I'm still loving it, though I took a break to do the final polish on DoG. Have a sketch of Carina and Toren:

If you count up ALL the words, I've written about 16,000 since Nov 1 (DPQ started at 6500), and considering I started 5 days late, that's not bad. I had a couple of 3k days there, and I'd like to settle in and do a few more of those at least. There's still a shot at finishing this month!

Happy Veteran's Day, I'm back to writing now... zoom!

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