September 8th, 2016

TW argh

On writing in the wee morning...

Some mornings, this getting up early to write thing works better than others. This morning? The giant dog ate my yogurt while I was trying to convince Guppy that it was still early and she could pretend to go back to sleep... (which has not worked in the slightest)

Thursdaily: It's been a facepalmy, domestic kind of day.

My old laptop has crashed three times today, the first just as I was using it to put together graphics for an Etsy sale. I was JUST wondering if maybe I had jumped the gun in getting my new laptop when this happened. Nope. And now I must stop procrastinating about moving my files so I can get more work done on this one. I was just dreading setting up the new file structure. I don't want to just plop everything on here, I want to improve the organization while I'm at it. I just quail at thinking how much work that will be. *sighs*

So, I've been cooking and freezing shredded zucchini and keeping the fire going and washing laundry. I did barely get my 500 words minimum on my not-a-book, but not much more.

Have a photo from this weekend. It is much, much yellower now that we've had a few frosts.