September 7th, 2016


Wednesdaily with a #smaugust roundup, and also some other stuff...

Today was the first day of preschool, and although Guppy had to be pried off of me with a crowbar to stay by herself, she had a wonderful, wonderful time and came home bouncy and full of energy and cheerfulness. I lurked at the closing and got to watch her actually COME at the whistle and get in line. (This is a minor miracle, people. Last year she had a tendency to bolt in the opposite direction when the whistle was blown.)

I got up early this morning and scanned many things, including two new coloring pages, a portrait adoption, and 21 #smaugust sketches. They are all here:

This one is my favorite - it is on hold for haunted_blood, who prompted it:

Patreons will get to pick one of these to sponsor into a finished ink piece for #inktober. (I am regretfully skipping #sketchtober, because sanity.) This month, they get a new coloring page. :)

I also updated my Etsy shop and renewed a number of my holiday designs.

I got just 226 words on my not-a-book, but this was on the tail of a very productive weekend - I've been getting up before 6 AM every day to get words in, and I've cracked 20k.

I still need to do an August wrapup... and maybe July??

Must wrap a small bundle of energy into bed now... and persuade her to stay there.