July 22nd, 2016


Fridaily with supreme mom-geekness.

As headsup, my email is being VERY BUGGY today. I apologize for any delays in communication.

700ish words this morning on the next not-a-book, bringing it just past 4k. My loose goal is to have it finished before November in order to make room for a NaNo book. I would be especially nice to have it finished by the end of August so I can do edits in September and October.

And I'm working on my presentation for next week. I have only a very vague idea of how much I have to talk to fill 5 minutes. Covering twenty-three (!!) years of business in that much space is not going to be easy. I must be mindful about not talking too fast to squeeze it all in. Be brief, concentrate on now. And remember to bring business cards.

My back is considerably recovered today - I took it very easy yesterday.

Guppy and I have been watching a lot of Star Trek (Next Generation) lately. Her favorite episode is the one with the big evil tree that eats everything, aka the Crystalline Enemy, the Crystalline Anemone, the Crystalline Entatree, or the Crystalline Entemmy, depending on the day. Her next favorite is 'the one where they save the planet' which wouldn't really narrow it down except that I know she means 'A Matter of Time.' And after that, she likes MY favorite, which is the 'four kablooeys episode!' ('Cause and Effect') I just love my little proto-geek.