November 13th, 2015


Sick report


I am horribly ill, sorry for any delays and silences. I lost my voice Tuesday afternoon, but continued to slog along. Wednesday night, my ears started hurting dreadfully. I had a doctor's appointment for Thursday anyway, and she said I probably didn't have an infection yet, but prescribed an antibiotic I could get filled if things changed - which they did. My eye is beet red and oozing green goo, nearly swollen shut, my right ear is far worse than it was, and I feel like refrigerated death. (That's worse that warmed over death, FYI.) On the plus, I am starting to cough more productively, so maybe I will be able to speak again. ("My Mom's voice is BROKEN!" Guppy reported to her preschool teacher.)

Sketch Fest is set up to slog along on its own, though I will check back just after noon to make sure I haven't fudged anything up in my haze of misery.

My prince of a husband will be bringing me the antibiotics and various things to get me through, and I anticipate a day of mindless television with the Guppy.

A hot shower is indicated, and I can finally take more medicine. Those last few hours as they wear off and I can't take more yet are pretty brutal. I was up between 12-2:30 this morning counting the minutes.