November 10th, 2015


Tuesdaily with new artwork and updating

I'm feeling significantly better this morning. SO much better. No more chills or aches, just a little minor post-nasal drip and accompanying sore throat, easily held at bay with warm drinks and cold medicine. Dropped child at preschool for a few free hours to do my Kickstarter countdown. (Ee!) We made the second stretch goal, and I'm not sure if anything else will happen in our last less-than-an-hour, but I'm satisfied with the project as a whole.

There's a new portrait up for adoption:

Slowly unpacking the car and figuring out the finances. I sold 28 of my ornaments, which is nearly half, and not at all too shabby! I will take some good photos and offer what's left here and on Facebook. I may put some on Etsy and/or take requests, but only after I ship some and see how much of a hassle that part is.

I have a first round of edits back on my novella that I want to tackle post-haste... it's not a Christmas story, exactly, but it is set in winter, so it would be good to have out for the holidays.

Final minutes of the Kickstarter! One more under my belt!