October 1st, 2015


Thursdaily with cancelled preschool and #Inktober!

I have completed 3 pieces for Inktober thus far, and have just wrangled a worn out Guppy into bed and hopefully to sleep. I will be working on coloring book things for a while here, but am hoping she stays asleep long enough for me to get a little further ahead on inking, too. Given my schedule this month, a two-day lead is Not Enough. And some of the pieces I'd like to do will be multi-day affairs.

(This was #2)

Tomorrow is First Friday at Woven Sylver! Come see my books and artwork upstairs in the Coop Plaza mall. There will be cider and caramel apples. And amazing handmade costumes
(not mine). And me.

Preschool was cancelled today. The roads are passable again, but big chunks of town (including the school!) were still without power. So, no tea shop and inking for me! "I'm going to make a disaster!" Guppy told me merrily, walking up the stairs. "Okay," I answered. "Have fun!"

We also went outside for a while. The sun came out, but the photos I tried to take didn't capture the sparkle at all.

And there was mac and cheese, and tea, and a little Max and Ruby, and princess music, and many laps around the dining room table. Also, no pants. Because... well, just because.