September 14th, 2015


August 2015 Roundup

Have you missed some of my creative updates over the last month? I'm doing monthly roundups to try to keep some sense in the chaos!


2 pieces sketched for Sketch Fest, both of them later finished for Sketch Fest. (But one of them is still in NDA!!)

Also finished this piece for Finish Fest:


I worked feverishly on pieces that I won't be able to share until next month...


Another 5kish on DB, but nothing new shared.

Off the Press:

Two new coloring books: Garden Sprites and The Collected Faeries of Victoria Griffin!


First Friday at Alaskana Raven. (Very slow, few sales, but worth it for the few enthusiastic fans I met.)

New phone. Oops.

Favorite Guppy photo:

September Patreon perk: the Torn World short story, Never Traveling Alone.

Mondaily very brief weekend update...

The weekend in a word? SNOW.

Also, sick. I have a cold. Guppy has it much more mildly. Me? I feel like I have a man cold. I just want to lie around and complain a lot. My lungs hurt, and I've finally turned the corner from endless snot to periodic phlegm balls. She just coughs a little and naps longer than usual. She is VERY good about covering her mouth.

It warmed up yesterday afternoon and the snow turned to rain, so this morning it is just misty and WET.

Have a silly photo from a few weeks ago. I have to go shower and clean the house and feed the small person.