September 1st, 2015


Tuesdaily and Mondaily in review... and a new Kickstarter in production...

I love projects. *hearts* I won't say much more until later, but let's just say I'm cautiously excited about this one... (and the other one, and also that third one that I'm not talking about yet...)

I will need to do a month in review today, but here is the quick update while I let Guppy watch Max and Ruby and get ready to clean the house.

Yesterday, we did All the Running Around - prescription cat food, coloring book consignment restock, shopping, post office. Today, I set the alarm for PM instead of AM, so we overslept by an hour (which was delicious), but everyone still made it where we needed to be. Velcro went to the vet to have a cyst looked at, Jake got to work with breakfast hastily tucked into his lunch box, and I haven't vacuumed yet.

Today, I plan to:

*clean the house
*feed us
*Preschool orientation
*redo ad for CO

Have the most ridiculous Guppy photo to date: