June 26th, 2015


Fridaily with Guppy - I mean Anna - and a list of things to do.

It's raining! Horray!! As predicted, it hasn't knocked the smoke down much, so instead of 'living in ashtray,' we are now 'swimming in ashtray,' but it's an improvement, and I'll take it.

Guppy got a box with costumes in it - both Elsa, and Anna, AND Sofia the First, and also a tea set and sparkly pom poms, and was utterly thrilled:

I am likely to fritter away my free time this morning unless I list, so here goes:

*Paperwork for UWA
*Amazon update
*3 orders
*Post office
*pre-orders for coloring books
*set up sketch fest (ACK!)
*email update to warn about sketch fest
*pick date for July Sketch Fest now
*try to get rid of piano and chair
*500 words on DB
*Other stuff to be edited in as I figure out what it is...

No biscuit for the post office today... voles in my garden... and Sketch Fest

So, I sent out a pile of packages on Wednesday. IMPORTANT packages. Crazy, risk-taking, new-things, world-domination packages. And when I took them to the post office, they scanned them all, as they often do. They are supposed to scan them IN. They unfortunately, managed to scan them all as DELIVERED. As in, delivered right there to the post office in Fairbanks.

I have NO IDEA what this means. When they try to scan them at their real destination, will it throw an error and return them to me? Will the scan get corrected when they check in at their next points along the way? Will they be circular filed as LOST FOREVER because the computer can't figure out what to do with them?!

GUH. Of all the piles of packages that this could have happened to.



In the NO COOKIE category, voles have eaten one of my lettuce plants. I am enraged. There are traps out. BRING IT, RODENTS. You took my strawberries, but you won't take my salads!!


I am sketching for Sketch Fest right now! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

I have finished FIVE ACEO sketches, and am very pleased with myself.

Here is my favorite, so far: