June 18th, 2015


Thursdaily - guppy photo, silly stories, list to do

Today's triumph included being able to leave Guppy with a Brand New swim teacher and do my soaking and swimming and even disappear into the locker room for a snack without a meltdown. Success! I am woefully out of shape, however, and my legs are all wibbly in protest of my laps.

Yesterday, as we were driving around, I told Guppy we were going to go to the Post Office before the store so we could 'beat the lunch rush."

"Beat the laundry mush?" she repeated.

I attempted to explain the lunch rush. She continued to insist on laundry mush.

Later, she asked if we were out of bagels.

"No," I told her. "We're not out of bagels."

She considered this. "So are we IN of bagels?" Because everything is opposites!

I should have explained that we couldn't be in bagels because they had holes in the middle, but I wasn't thinking fast enough.

My little proto-geek in her upside-down-too-big-Ironman glasses.

Did a little client programming today, hope to finish Master of the Deep very shortly here.

Tomorrow's list is... not grim, exactly, but it will be demanding:

*1000 words on DB (I missed yesterday's, have to catch up) 1020
*Childcare transport
*Finish Master of the Deep (if not done tonight!)
*Print, Pack and mail PA order
*Proof 78 Tarot CB and prepare the PDF
*Weekend shopping