May 5th, 2015


Tuesdaily - Guppy photo,

More than halfway there to go for the full professional printing of the Sea Monster Mini-coloring book! I am so excited!

We went into town today, charming people in the post office line and terrorizing them at the grocery store. We got to watch a dump truck leave a pile of dirt, and visit Papa's office. I drove the truck in, because we were delivering a wheelbarrow, and the lack of power steering is problematic in small parking lots. I came back with a load of water, which was fun!

At the store:
Guppy: (terrorizing at the checkout lane)
Me: Are you going to listen to me now?
Guppy: No. You have to give me a time out. And put me in the cart now.
Checker: *dies laughing*

Guppy is snoozing now, and I've got to lay out an ad for a fancy magazine! Taking this world domination thing seriously, I am. I'm starting to get nibbles on my first wave of postcards, and that makes me SO SO happy.

Much to do, off to do it.