April 28th, 2015

working hard

Tuesdaily with toddler report and (silly) new artwork.

Putting together furniture with the help of a three-year-old requires a lot of patience.

"Could you hand me one of the little dowels, please?"


"No, those are screws. The dowels are the little wooden things next to them."


"No, those are the same screws. The dowels are brown. See where I'm pointing?"


"No, those are still screws. Those little sticks in the bowl with them."

"Oh! Two?"

"No, just one."

"Those are MINE."

(And then she runs away with them.)

With or without her help, I did get her new shelves put together and have a heaping box of toys to donate. There are still some other toy stashes to tackle - I unpacked the last of what was out in the connex waiting for her to be big enough, and I need to go through some of her drawers of things.

Here's a photo from yesterday:

New artwork up at Torn World:

Today's creative naptime tackle is edits on my space opera story. I'd also like to draft something new for a frozen fairy tales call for submissions, but that's due in two weeks, and I have no ideas to run with yet. I've been finding more niche bookstores to send coloring book postcards to every day - cross your fingers for folks deciding to carry them! Nose to the grindstone now!