April 22nd, 2015

Number 1 Dog Ribbon

Wednesdaily with gold stars and blue ribbons for bravery, Imposter Syndrome, and dramatic Guppy.

I have been bold and brave this week, cold-calling cold-emailing companies about my coloring books, and doing various promotional-type things that seem forward of me. It is nerve-wracking. My Imposter's Syndrome is howling at me, but I've got fingers in my ears and I'm stomping forward with determination. My coloring books are awesome. There have been a few enthused nibbles, but nothing more. Yet. YET. It's early days.

(And remember, Amazon reviews MATTER. You do not need to have purchased through Amazon - and it counts if you got a PDF copy! One or two 5-star reviews makes it look like I cajoled my friends into stroking my ego. Even if you hated it, more reviews makes it look legitimate. I'll happily even take your one or two stars if you think I'm a hack!)


In less I.S. blogging, I have art and writing to buckle down on, so you get a Guppy photo and I'm off.

She's being dramatic about something in her favorite fireman coat: