April 15th, 2015

Are You Sure?

Wednesdaily much improved... new artwork, better health,

It's like yesterday's awfulness never even happened.

Except that I was badly, badly traumatized, and every time that Guppy asks "Can I have a hug?" I flinch and reach for a raincoat. The frozen yogurt bar was a terrible idea, and when she got up from her too-short nap, I ended up wearing it, mixed up with bile-soaked pretzel pieces, in my hair and down my back. Totally earned my motherhood stripes yesterday. And maybe a medal. It required TWO loads of laundry.

But this morning, Guppy woke up bouncy and happy, asking for breakfast. I risked a small helping of oatmeal with brown sugar, which was safely devoured and more was requested. It's been more than an hour now, so I'm quite optimistic that the illness is past. (ETA. No sign whatsoever of upset. Full lunch safely eaten. THREE glasses of water spilled.)

New artwork at Torn World:

The olayarf are loyal to one master or family, and serve as guards and transport dogs. The fourth and final of the Yasiluu dog breeds!

Got orders and taxes off with Jake this morning, not certain how things were going to play out and not wanting to have to take a queasy Guppy into town. I've gotten some more little coloring book promotional things done, bit by bit. And tracking for my all-business postcards shocked the heck out of me by showing delivery today. They were supposed to be in on Friday - I only ordered them on Monday! What?! Not sure if they'll be able to come down the driveway because we're in the throes of spring hardpack disaster... I may have to go pick them up in town.

Going to run and make the most of this naptime: I have art on deadlines! And two big orders to pack up!