April 10th, 2015


Friday Catchup... Guppy photos, Easter brief, lightning in Chicago

I am badly behind on everything, and likely to stay that way a little longer, because I've had spotty Internet for a week, limited to my phone, and there's currently a jet-lagged toddler who needs dinner and sleep. We got up early this morning, went through 3 time zones, and while she got a pretty good nap on the first plane, I'm not sure it made up for the rest of the lost sleep.

Long story short, we did a brief reunion in Wisconsin with the husband's family, and Guppy got to meet her grandmother and other relatives on that side. We then stayed an extra night in Chicago (watched a fabulous lightning storm and listened to a Welcome to Nightvale), and I'm having trouble stringing together coherent sentences, so have some photos and I'm taking a shower and we're all going to bed.

Chicago Children's Museum - who doesn't love a funnel?

The park on Easter.