April 1st, 2015

ellen with wrench

Wednesdaily with Guppy story

I did not end up getting naptime yesterday. After about an hour, she started getting more insistent. I went up to figure out if something was actually wrong, and she pointed down in front of her bed. "Look at THAAAAAT!"

"Thaaaaat" was a few shredded leaves of the houseplant that lives in the corner by her bed. Within reach, apparently.

"What did you DO?"

"There's more back here!" She went around to the back of the bed and pointed down. Sure enough, big pile of stripped leaves.

"Did you put any of that in your mouth?" I demanded.

"I didnit!"

There was more shredded plant matter in her bed, as well, and I made her pick it all up and throw it away. "I can't believe you destroyed that poor plant!"

"I can't BELIEVE it!" she repeated. "I detroided that poor plant! I can't BELIEVE it!"

She agreed not to do it again, and I moved the poor thing back a little further out of her reach. Just in case.

She's going to need a fashion intervention one of these days.

I've got a to-do list for today that is rivaling Santa's naughty list, so I'm off to start tackling it.