March 18th, 2015

enough time

Wednesdaily with artwork

I love my daughter, but I'm missing my mornings. She's been getting up before I get the husband off to work, so I've lost that hour or so I used to have to get things done. That, with shorter naps, means I'm getting more creative with my ability to cross things off.

Did get some extra cleaning done today, with lots of 'help.'

Some artwork that has gone up this week:

At Torn World:

Bears to scale. (Click to see at Torn World)

1st 3 patron portraits for Patreon. If you are a patron, please get me your description by the 25th!

Pot pie and pictures in the snow

I made turkey pot pie last night. It wasn't planned, particularly, but I had ground turkey that needed to be used, and it seemed appropriate. I remembered the salt in the filling this time, and it was amazing. My pie crusts have finally 'arrived.'

Guppy and I went to find armaments this morning. "Five!" she told me. "We're going to find five of them!" We also found a stick, and she used it to 'paint' in the snow. "I'm making PICtures!" she told me. (There's a video on Facebook.)

It was an effort to get her back home and inside. I find it baffling that people have to tell their children to go outside. I have to divert her from putting on her boots and bolting at least once an hour. Does this suddenly change when they reach a certain age? Is it individual to each child?

Got her down for her nap and got a shower and filled a handful of orders (coloring books and portrait adoption).

We had two moose visitors this morning, which we watched from the window, and a couple of mormons. Okay, I don't know that they were mormons; I didn't really let them get that far and handed their pamphlet back. I was super polite, and they were, too. (The moose were too, I suppose, though they didn't exactly come to the door.)

I have a new story up at River Twine: Tender Skin and Callouses

And new artwork (unrelated!): Foxtail