March 9th, 2015



My dryer is on wrinkleguard, and I have deep suspicions that I won't be able to get out my chair once it finally comes to a rest. Daylight savings is harsh. I had gleefully gotten used to having some light when I woke up, only to have it RIPPED AWAY. Very depressing. I shake my tiny fist in rage.

It was a good weekend, if on the mellow side. SnufflyGuppylous is still congested but has plenty of energy. She has BRIGHT RED cheek spots, and I think she's working on a tooth, too. We got about 8 inches of snow over the weekend - drifting to a foot in places, I think. That necessitated snow removal, and I had gaming to go to. I got six little pieces of artwork finished - two portraits and two critters for Torn World, and two Patreon perk portraits, plus a sketch of the next Patreon perk. There was amazing food eaten. Snow was played in.

I have a new digi stamp available at Etsy:

Breakfast now, and then digging through emails and doing some programming.