February 9th, 2015

Number 1 Dog Ribbon

Mondaily early edition with artwork

It was a lovely weekend. We got the fan ripped out of the bathroom, though we didn't get as far as getting the new one installed; we ran out of materials to mount the new one. Apparently, we've moved on from the stage of housebuilding where we had extra 2x4s lying around everywhere. I also got good art time at gaming (in addition to being able to smash a bunch of nasty little gnomes with high-end office chairs). I did a new portrait from scratch (in the queue), refined my 78Tarot sketch, and did a fairly finished sketch of a gift drawing that I've had in mind for a while.

And of course, there were lots of trips out into the cold to look for the moon. (The moon is up right now, but the Guppy is not.)

It's looking likely that we'll finish one of our woodpiles today, which is rather randomly exciting. It's an older pile of birch, and grew some interesting mushrooms over our very, very wet summer (despite being covered). I'm suspicious that these mushrooms have been the cause of some of my sneezing fits, so I'm curious to see if that stops once we've moved to the next pallet of wood.

It's 35 below in town this morning, but must be warmer than 20 below up here, because our outdoor LED lights are no longer in strobe mode. (Thank GOODNESS.)

My inbox is at 34, but nearly all of them are NEW emails; I did well on last week's goal to weed out the inbox a bit.

I have new work up at Portrait Adoption! Okay, technically, it's not NEW. One is several years old but I've held onto it to release during the site upgrades:

The original is available through PA: http://portraitadoption.com/portrait.php?id=2576

The other is a piece I've just added color to:

I have two (totally new) portraits in the queue to be released this week, but I'm hoping other artists will submit some work so it's not just a flood of my own work. HINT HINT HINT.

I'm off to do more color work while I can. And also, get some breakfast. And some phonecalls to find out if anyone in town has prescription cat food, because I was not thinking far enough ahead.