February 6th, 2015


Fridaily - short update.

Another chilly day. I think it was about 30 below in town, but my car thermometer continues to tell me -22. It's a little warmer in the hills; about -18, I think.

Coding progress: FINALLY made myself an add-subscription button at Torn World. That was a long time coming and should save me a lot of time with the monthly subscription updates. Also fixed up a cosmetic thing at that site so that images are in equal columns. Portrait Adoption continues to get minor (very minor, now) fixes as people test all the new features! We've got an active description for our artists, and three commission opportunities right now.

Emails: Stuck at about 70. Should try to make progress on that today, while Guppy is sleeping. Feeling deeply unmotivated, for anything, actually.

Starting is always half the battle. Here we go!

Have a photo of Guppy gearing up to go outside:

Her snowpants are a little on the big side still (size 4!), but they keep her warm!