February 4th, 2015

ellen with wrench

Wednesdaily with adulting and stuff...

Something has been making me sneeze for the last several days, and I haven't been able to figure out what. I vacuumed upstairs really thoroughly over the weekend (I do the downstairs every day, because pets/toddler/woodstove), dusted the fan, cleaned out everything I could think that might be harboring something that's gone bad, inspected the basement for damp spots... and periodically have to stop and have a sneeze-fest. Next step is to wash all my bedding, but this persists long after I've gotten up. It doesn't feel like I'm getting sick (I HOPE), but it is a little out of the norm. And I don't think anything is pollinating; it's supposed to be 40 below over the weekend again.

Trying to get my inbox under control - it was 250ish this morning and I've got it down to 72. Boo-yeah. Of course, it's the TRICKIEST 72 left. The ones that involve finishing a piece of programming so that I can reply and say I've finished that piece of programming, or that involve looking something up that I'm not really sure where to start with, or that require a really long, super-polite response that has to be even more super-polite now that I've put it off for so long.

The child has just fallen asleep. Debating sneaking up to get bedding to wash.

More to do! Off to do it!