December 1st, 2014


Mondaily - many things in their final hours! Last chance for coloring books!

Today is the last day to order coloring books! I will be closing everything up tomorrow morning, and answering the last emails and filling the last orders and putting up an autoresponder and unplugging from the Internet. For the WHOLE MONTH.

It may be weird to be in retail and pick December to close up, but honestly, I do my best sales in October. My customers are smarter than other customers. Better looking, too. Last-minute orders (shipping from Alaska!) are just crazy-making, and not enough of my bottom line to bend over backwards for.

You can still get in on the action here:

And today is the last day for getting 25% off digi stamps (or anything) at my Etsy store: (use the code: THANKS25) - digi stamps will continue to be available through Etsy because I don't fulfill those.

52 emails in my inbox, and making progress.

Aaaand, there are other things rapidly approaching deadline:

The Redeemer Kickstarter is in its final hours!

December 10th is the last day to help #willwrite2feedothers: (She's at the 15-donation mark, so the story is a go, but I happen to know that the 30-donation mark is REALLY SWEET and I want it to happen. >.>)

A Fairbanks-based, tea-related Kickstarter has only 4 days left to fund:

I have a massage scheduled for tonight so I can go into my relaxed groove. (And oh, it is overdue. LONG overdue. As is this break!)

I think I will make Guppy shovel all the snow we're due to get in the next few days:

Off to wake her up and get this day rolling...