October 8th, 2014


Trying Wednesdaily

Today has been trying. I will skip over most of it, but leave you with a mental snapshot of a toddler who woke up too early (and on the wrong side of the bed) shrieking 'NO STORYTIME NO NO NO NO' in the middle of said storytime and me, armload of hats and gloves and coats and bookbag, chasing her out of the Berry room and halfway across the library. A nice aide and another library patron stepped in to hand me the things I was dropping and try to cut her off at the pass. She's FAST for being three feet tall.

"I'm not bad," she assured me, once she had been strapped into her carseat. "I'm just silly."

She continued to be 'just silly' in a similar vein for the rest of our running around. Fortunately, I've wised up and can do the drive-through at the bank.

Here's a goofy photo from a few weeks ago:

Coloring book proofs in hand. Time to make up the last one and then start on PDFs. There's laundry, too.