September 18th, 2014

Number 1 Dog Ribbon

Thursdaily with More Swimming and Lotsa Glee

Kickstarter is kicking butt today, which is a great relief. I was honestly starting to wonder if we were going to print all seven titles, and fearing that three weeks was too short a campaign. Now, I'm thinking we might get to all seven... and maybe some color. And, with luck, a reprint or two.

Then? Take over the world, of course.

Here's our next cover:

$330 to go!!

Swimming went swimmingly again this afternoon. With a floaty and a barbell, she can scootch herself around in the water without anyone holding her. She isn't very good about blowing bubbles on demand, but loves to watch us do them. And she's all smiles and laughing through the whole class. It's actually FUN, this time.

A huge shout-out to Ken's Alignment - I've been trying unsuccessfully to get a replacement wheel for my garden cart (I've returned two that I ordered online) and was advised by a lady at Lowe's to go over there and see if they'd weld my broken one for me. They did! I was able to pick it up 45 minutes later - and they didn't charge me anything for it. Much gratitude.

Guppy is napping now. It was a bit of a negotiation to get her down, but on swim days particularly, she NEEDS the extra rest. I'm working on Kickstarter messages and cover designs and emails galore. There is more wood to stack, too. Have a photo, and I'm off again:

(From shopping a few days ago. She LOVES to drive.)