September 5th, 2014


August 2014 Roundup

Have you missed some of my creative updates over the last month? I'm doing monthly roundups to try to keep some sense in the chaos!

August was publicly another fairly slow month. I had a whirlwind of family activities, and much of my creative time was on work that I won't be able to share until the big coloring book reveal (next week! Eek!). But a few things did trickle out:


Off the Clock:
(nudity, but nothing showing!)

I did four pieces for Sketch Fest - three of them for my Sketch Tarot project:

04 - The Emporer:
05 - The Heirophant:
06 - The Lovers:

And a piece for an Elfquest fanclub:
(very rough, and what was I THINKING, trying to cram five figures in an ACEO?)

I also published three old concept pieces at Torn World:

The Overlook:
Yet More Snowie Sketches:
Snow Kiss:


I re-wrote the Empire article for Torn World:

A metafiction article about 'Future Fiction' was posted to Torn World: (it's the Empire's version of science fiction!)

A new article at Torn World about Northern Foods:


The August Patreon perk was a bundle of 3 photographs that I took during my summer class, sized for wallpapers and Facebook headers.

Favorite Guppy photo from the month:

It rained a lot, I was ridiculously social (for me), and I worked on getting coloring books in order for the Kickstarter I'll be releasing next week. I'm looking forward to September!
ellen with wrench

Fridaily with Flicking (and Imposter's Syndrome)

I'm nervous about the Kickstarter and there's a grant that I'm quite eligible for that closes Monday that I want to apply for but haven't done anything about (because I am a giant coward and feel unworthy), so instead of working on any of that, I completely rearranged Guppy's room ("You're moving the BED!"*) and took her out to pick cranberries in the cold.

She was even helpful!

Those are all her own cranberries that you see there, and she was very meticulous about digging into my (big) bucket and picking out the icky ones and leaves. We got nearly a pound and a half in probably 45 minutes. And it was lovely to be outside a little.

I want to try making fruit leather out of it. Can you put nuts in fruit leather? I may have to try. They would probably have to be chopped up REALLY fine to work.

Okay, Guppy is NOT interested in napping, but I'm going to suck it up and try to go get something done anyway...

*Having a 2 year old is like having your own personal sports announcer following you around. "You're washing the dishes! The kitty is sleeping! Your pants are blue! You're sitting in Papa's chair! You're driving the car!" All said with EXTREME interest, like I'm making the game-saving play at THAT VERY MOMENT.