August 7th, 2014

happy bubble fairy

Thursdaily with sun and rain and silly

I'm cheating with today's photo; I took it at the park two visits ago, with my good camera, and only just downloaded it today.

No running around this morning, but we did pick up the bedrooms and change all the bedding, which involved laundry. Guppy loves to help with this, mostly by charging into the giant pile of bedding and saying "I'm SLEEPING!" while kicking and rolling around.

We met a little girl at the park yesterday. I asked her what her name was. "Three," she answered, holding up four fingers. (I think Guppy was an inch taller...)

It was very slightly sunny when I got up - and proceeded to rain on me while I fed the dog. The rain cleared, and I was able to sit on my porch and cut my fingernails in sunshine when Guppy went down for her nap. Yesterday, I got brutal with my garden and took most of the delphinium out, clipping back all the broken stems (all the flowering ones!) and nasty, chewed-up leaves. I also dead-headed most of the violets (they don't need to reseed anymore than they have!) and ripped them back without mercy to give my strawberries, lilies, and the violas some breathing space. We got about 5 more mutant strawberries to eat a few nights ago, taking my cost per strawberry to about $2 apiece. They have volunteered some runners, and seem unphased by the pushy violets. The zucchini plant has TWO fertilized zukes coming in, and I think I caught a third in time, too. The two beautiful plants I thought were non-heading romanescos are actually kale, and will make some delicious quiche. I know this because three of what I thought were broccolis are putting out romanesco heads! Including the two I planted in crappy native soil because I didn't have bed or pot space for them! Whee! Delicious, tasty, wonderful garden. Today with lunch, I had a salad with the last of the lettuce and chard from our farm share, plus chard and chives from the garden, and a tomato from the farmer's market. MMMMM.

(I also ate half a box of macaroni and cheese, and part of a square of fudge, so I probably lost any health points I gained...)

I've got programming thangs to do, and coloring books to work on, so I'm off to stop frittering.