July 31st, 2014

elsa's tongue


I see blue trying bravely to peek out of the clouds this morning. Yesterday was BLUE in all capitals, and I left Guppy with her obliging grandparents and snuck out to draw at the gardens with laylalawlor and go to the Farmer's Market, where I had Thai Iced Tea and paid too much for gorgeous green beans. (I took my camera, but forgot my camera chip - doh!)

We've got a playdate at the park today, so I'm hopeful for another day of good weather.

Also on the docket for today: fold laundry, wrangle passport things (still need a photo and a check), scan some artwork, start a webpage, work on another webpage, return a package (label and return form printed!), update Torn World, nag the canon board, make bread dough for pizza tonight, bake a pie, clean the house, and answer emails. HAHAHAHA. Okay, some of that will get done.

Yesterday, I got most of a comic page inked, as well as several pages of sketches at the garden, so it was a deliciously satisfying art day.

We also had Chinese soup for dinner, which entailed chopsticks - and Guppy, watching us eat, asked for 'pencils' of her own.

The inevitable happened last night and Norway ran Guppy right over in a fit of excitement to get dinner. She tumbled over in a complete backwards somersault, and wailed really well. I picked her up and hugged her and discovered nothing bleeding. Once she got past the shock of it (and realized she wouldn't be getting a coveted band-aid), she shook herself off and giggled. "I fall down HARD," she told me. "Go see Norway?"

I need a more current Guppy icon!