June 22nd, 2014

Number 1 Dog Ribbon

Weekend update

It's been a lovely weekend. The rain finally dried up, and today has been blue and sunny. Yesterday, solstice, was cloudy, so it was harder to appreciate our longest day. Friday, we went on an actual, factual date, with dinner, a margarita, and a movie. We picked Godzilla, and were wildly happy with the choice. It was possibly the best monster movie either of us has ever seen. Great creature effects, and great pacing. We loved it.

Our little monster (who doesn't look at all two here!)...

... got her crayons taken away last night. This morning, she spotted them on top of the cabinet.

"I lost my crayons," she told me sadly. "You took them."

"Do you remember why?" I asked, with no particular expectations that she would.

"I draw on da door!"

I picked my jaw up off the floor. "That's right! What are you supposed to draw on?"

She gave me an impish look. "Shoooooes!"





"Noooooo!" *both of us laughing helplessly* "What are you REALLY supposed to draw on?"

"Paper," she says, as if it's completely obvious.

Sketch Fest was this weekend, though I participated only a little on Friday. One of these weekends, I will dedicate my whole time to it. I got 4 ACEOs sketched - I plan to finish at least three of them: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestartist.php?id=9

Off to approve sales and fix problems!