May 15th, 2014

Number 1 Dog Ribbon


I have a new poem up for Sea Monster Month: Beneath the Shell. It is free to the public until the end of the month (unless sponsored for $5).

I got some more sponsorships yesterday, so we have achieved the diver for scale, AND the new border. There will be ELEVEN sea monsters on the scale chart, and we're just $20 from getting sea monster territories added to the map program I'm working on!

$180.00 / $200

Sponsor your monster here:

I'm going to close up sponsorships next WEDNESDAY (the 21st) so I can (hopefully) get all rewards finished by the end of the month.

I remembered this afternoon as I was washing dishes that there was a Sketch Fest tomorrow. TOMORROW! I will have the Sketch Fest #50 prizes ready to give out at that time!

Guppy report: Up early this morning, and full of vinegar. We've danced many dances, stomped a lot (happy stomps), built towers, watched Big Bird, and played outside. Pushing the red chair around saying "VROOM VROOM" has been a favored activity.

"Woah! I'm okay!"

Garden report: The violets are attempting to take over my garden plot. Seriously, they've spread everywhere, and as much as I like them, I don't want a garden of solely violets. I was SUPER relieved to find that my delphinium is coming back. Nearly all the lilies and irises got eaten last spring, and it looks whatever lived last year didn't come back this year. The chives look a little sad, but still struggling forward, and the violas I didn't expect are numerous. There are a few tiny things that MAY be cilantro, which would surprise me a lot (although that plant DID go crazy with flowers last year, so there were a lot of seeds about). I bought a 12-pack of bare-root strawberry plants and put them everywhere (probably too close together, but the last time I tried these, they all died in a week...), and a zucchini plant. Depending on what survives the next week or so, I may try for oregano, which did well last year, or tarragon. It's fun having herbs to eat fresh.

Inbox report: 54