May 12th, 2014


Mondaily with another sea monster.

The dreamskate has been released!

This is one of my favorite sea monsters, and he can be sponsored for $15. That gets you a postcard of the final scale chart, as well as this original artwork! (Domestic shipping included!) We're $35 from a group perk of a diver for scale. (I'm also excited about the perk after that, which will be a sea monster border that supporters will get as a stationery design.)

Took the small monster to the monster park today. We had it to ourselves again, except for the maintenance crew. Taking photos outside is a bit of a crap shoot, because I can't see my screen well, but here is one.

I thought to bring the bucket and some tools today, and it was a challenge to get her away so we could go to the post office, store, and bank. I splurged and bought a four-pack of marigolds. Taking bets that it's about a week before she pulls one of them up.

A few more photos from earlier this week:

Collapse )

Naptime today, I am watching an episode of Fringe and finishing the whalebear for the scale chart. I need to work on the color version of my tarot art, but the pencil sharpener wakes the baby. (Doh!) I'm pretty displeased with the color version at this point, and may default back to just black and white. I am pleased with that stage of it.