May 1st, 2014

elsa's tongue

Thursdaily - kicking off sea monster month!

It's May! My favorite month of the year! And not just because it's spring and the sun is back and snow is going away and we've got birthdays and family coming!

May is Sea Monster month, and I'm awfully excited. I have a new project to unleash at you next week, and we'll have lots of sea monster goodness at the site. You can catch up with things from previous years here, and I've got a new comic on the topic up here. Last year, I did 24 art cards, this year will be a bit different... you'll see on Monday!

I showered and went out in public today, which was both awesome and exhausting. I still have a bit of a cough, but seem to be otherwise pulling back to health. We went to the library (libarry!) and got books (books!) and went to the post office and did a little shopping.

The artist in me deplores the composition here - they aren't facing each other, she's running out of the frame, the log in the middle adds nothing, should have cropped out the white chair blob in the corner... but it's so much fun, who cares?

Inbox is at 61, which makes me grind my teeth until I remember that about a month ago it was at 600. I can handle this. I can.

Now, a snack, and then... something awesome. (I don't know what, but whatever it is, it will be awesome.)