April 29th, 2014


Tuesdaily with a photo of the woods

This weekend, we lived in a Bev Doolittle painting: all birch trees and half-melted snow - except that instead of spotted horses, we have cheap white deck chairs.

I took that photo on Friday, and already, almost all of the snow you see there is gone. There are still good drifts in the shaded places behind the house, and anywhere it was particularly deep. The back 'yard' is half icebergs and half ankle-deep mud. As break-ups go, it's been a lovely one, with sharp, freezing nights and long, sunny days. We spend a lot of time outside. I want to uncover my garden (foot-deep with straw) and see what's survived, but it's still too early for such madness.

I found a green growing plant out in the woods with Guppy, and pointed it out to her. "Look! It's green and growing!" She picked it and violently shredded it. "Oh, you killed it," I said sadly. "Bye, bye," she said without remorse. Cute little sociopath.

Healthwise, I'm feeling marginally better. I didn't think I was when I woke up this morning, but a long, hot shower, some food, and coughing up some unspeakable things seemed to help greatly.

I've done Sketch Fest payouts this morning, about to do Torn World administratia, and then, if monster is still sleeping, I'll get some creative time. (Art is due.)

Er... woops, there's the monster. Out of time!