April 28th, 2014

Sketch Fest

Mondaily : Final hours of Sketch Fest #50!

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Sketch Fest #50 has a few hours left! We did a special 72-hour fest, and it's been tremendous fun. Baby monster is up early this morning, so I probably won't get anything else done sketch-wise, alas...

Feeling an iota better, but still have a pretty good cough and am more tired than I ought to be. We got to spend a lot of time outdoors this weekend, because it was gorgeous and warm. I dug a lot of drainage ditches to direct the snowmelt runoff, and Guppy ran around a lot. She has just a minor little nose-trickle left of her cold. We got a lot done in the garage, and got some accounting paperwork done for Guppy's 529. Today, I have to write an article about Sketch Fest, finish programming the nominations for Sketch Fest, do laundry, scoop the catbox, and make towers. Vacuuming is done, and breakfast finished.

More interesting post (and photos?) when I have gotten a few things done!