April 18th, 2014


How is it Friday? Hoooowwwww?

My week has been stolen! Seriously, where did it go?

Most of it went here, I suspect:

Telling Papa how to do his job in his office.

She's growing into her shovel!

I have been managing the Torn World Muse Fusion in bits and pieces of my time, and have squeezed in one piece of artwork myself:

(Still need to scan it, this is just a phone photo... the prompt was 'The Prettiest Sea Monster')

The Bingo Card format of this Muse Fusion has been a TON of fun. I'm really enjoying it.

Aaaaand there is 'Wash Frohen?? Wash Frohen??" coming from upstairs now, so I'm out of time!

Inbox: 29. After spam-purge. Merp.