April 9th, 2014



Inbox: 11 (Uh-oh!)

A highly productive morning. I got the catbox scooped and the bathroom cleaned, taxes scanned, laundry folded, wood chopped and brought inside, fire started, vacuumed the house, fed the baby, pilled and fed the dog, showered, wrote about 800 words and FINISHED a story (YAY!), and made breakfast. Not exactly in that order. I still have a pile of dishes to do, and bread to make, and programming, and various administratae. And I have to figure out an alternative for dinner, because it's too cold to grill the meat I have thawed.

I am QUITE chuffed with myself for making a chicken pot pie last night - entirely from scratch, including the crust. And it was GOOD. A little too low on salt (used unsalted butter AND halved the salt from the recipe, which was too much of a cut), but that's easy to fix at the table, at least.

Glanced at the Heartbleed bug news and checked my own sites, all my client sites, and important sites I use: all clean and secure! Whew!

A photo from Monday.

I should turn in my Tough Alaskan card, because I am SUPER whiny about the fact that it's 4 degrees and feel like that's too cold to do much but stay inside in front of the fire.