April 1st, 2014

happy bubble fairy

Tuesdaily with piano

Inbox: 13.

I'm bored of all my icons. Might be time to find a few new ones.

Did some quick ink sketch work in exchange for an ebook this morning while Guppy slept late. Not something I often will agree to do, but this one sounded fun, and I've been coveting a book from this author for a while. I have some other things to work out today - I'd like to make progress on my tarot card (baby steps!), I've got programming to do, and there WILL be playing outside. The weather is too nice not to.

Have identified a brain block with writing. It's not one that's easy to solve, but I do have a game-plan now. And I got 63 words written. That's SOMETHING.

Guppy has been enjoying plinking on the piano lately. I would play it more, but it is BADLY out of tune. As soon as the driveway is passable for most vehicles (Husband had to pull a truck up backwards yesterday!!), I will order a tuning. Maybe I will crowdfund something awesome for it.

There is new work up at Portrait Adoption! One of them is mine!