March 31st, 2014

I will stick forks in you


Inbox: 19
I mustn't let it slide, so I'm going to keep reporting about it. I've cleared out all but two of the very oldest, stinkiest emails (and one of those is just a personal reminder about an art project I need to work on), but I've got a few more recent ones in here that are already a few weeks old I should tackle soon.

I got some personal programming time in bits and fits this weekend, and made HUGE Portrait Adoption strides. Artists can now offer their originals! The artist end of it works, the claim and approval end of it works. I just need to make the site itself show the availability, add it to the menu, and we'll be off to the races. :)

I didn't want to do this when we opened Portrait Adoption, because it relies on the artist not being a flake. (Which... you know...) But this has worked incredibly well with Sketch Fest, to my surprise, so I'm willing to risk it. I will be adding very explicit verbiage to the site so that customers know the risks.

They will expire, 90 days after the last edit of a portrait, to hopefully minimize any 'I lost it/spilled coffee on it/shipping costs have tripled' problems.

My next (PA) goal after that is to work on better browsing/searching. I had thought to do all of the updates at once, but that way lies overwhelmed-ness. So I'm dissecting my to-do list into manageable parts and doing what I can, instead of feeling bad about not getting it ALL done. And that works. I feel tremendously accomplished.

In other news, it was a GORGEOUS weekend. We got out and walked.