March 28th, 2014

baby kitty

Fridaily, with a snapshot of life with a toddler...

Last night, I left the husband with a glass container of potatoes au gratin (and a measuring cup of topping) to bake, with a sticky note of instructions, and went to my core conditioning class.

I returned, with aching abs, to a toddler running laps around the table, shrieking in delight and covered in... something red.

"I didn't follow your baking instructions at all," the husband admitted. "Any dried blood on the baby is mine. Most of it is strawberry. And yes, there are strawberries all over the floor. And I forgot to steam the asparagus. And... I don't know why she's not wearing pants."

The potatoes were still fabulous.

Busy day! My coloring books are ready - Fantastrix is back in print! I have a floor to mop and a catbox to scoop. Now, a shower.