March 27th, 2014


Thursdaily with photo

Inbox: 8!

A photo of Guppy (from last week) to prove she isn't all angel:

Just a few more minutes left in our bonus Sketch Fest - I got 3 ACEOs done:

And I worked more on my tarot card. Scanning it showed me the perspective problem that had been nagging at me.

Guppy woke early this morning and has flaming red cheeks... I suspect she's working away at those teeth again. Poor kid! Frozen yogurt for you! And hopefully a nice looooong nap.


I got a telescammer this afternoon while I was slicing potatoes with my hands, entertaining the baby with my feet, and trying to keep her out of cabinets by voice command.

"Is this Eileen (redacted)?" said the thickly accented voice once I'd picked up the phone and said hello a few times.

"Sure," I said. Because, close enough.

"Ma'am, I'm calling about your Windows Computer..."

"Ah, no, you need to remove me from your call list, please." Firmly. Because I have exactly no patience for such things, but will not stoop to rudeness unless they do.

"You can go to hell, Ma'am."

I actually stared at the phone for a moment because he was so polite sounding about it, and the 'Ma'am' threw me. Then I hung up, because what are you going to do?