March 20th, 2014



Inbox: 65

I half-hoped I could get it to 15 or less before Sketch Fest (tomorrow!), but that's really not likely. Too many of the remaining emails require really thoughtful replies, often with research or other little tasks first.

Our lawn furniture, right now. (Not that we have actual lawn, really... even when it's not covered with snow!)

Bread is made, catbox scooped, some paperwork in order (but not taxes, yet... so close!), Guppy's sleep schedule is totally randomized (she was up two hours early, and took a morning nap, so I have NO IDEA what that means for our afternoon!), my sister and her puppy came over and gave Norway and Guppy good exercise. Still need to invent something for dinner.

Oh! And I got the 2nd edition of Fantastrix to the printer for proofing. It is 6 pages slimmer than the Kickstarter edition (you lucky backers!), which is sold out.

ETA: in the several hours it's been since I started this post, I have tried getting Guppy to nap twice, and she's just getting more and more wound up. She is currently touching things I've told her not to - while watching me to make sure I notice, and alternating that with clinging to my knees whining. Argh.