March 17th, 2014

Number 1 Dog Ribbon


I managed to finish my business taxes before the smallest monster woke up this morning. And just barely - I was filling in the last bits of the self-employment form as she started chirping "Hi, hi, HIHIHI!"

We went out to watch a bike race head past our house this weekend:

Inbox is at 122, still. (Though things have come in and gone out...) I think I will make granola today, and maybe bread. The vacuuming and catbox scooping are done. I finished up two teeny programming things, too, and am eyeing another programming thing, and brainstorming awesome prizes for Sketch Fest - there is a Sketch Fest this weekend, and ANOTHER one next week, March 26-27. That second one is a bonus birthday bash - and Sketch Fest #50, on top of that, so I need to do something kinda spectacular. Hmm... would anyone be interested in donating a prize? Got brilliant ideas for something I could do as a thank you?
elsa's tongue

Two cute stories...

Last night, as the bathwater went down the drain, Guppy was watching raptly. As the last of it drained away, she piped up, "Bye bye, water!"


On Friday, she was wearing her batman shirt in the morning, but an incident over a squishy banana at lunch meant we had to change. Jake, seeing before and after photos with no explanation, asked via text what happened to batman, which gave me the opportunity to answer: "Bananananananana batman!"