March 7th, 2014



I have fixed the coloring book upload pages (which apparently got broken in some other maintenance I did recently), and made a public submission page while I was at it. Woot! I'm collecting work for five different titles right now. I have sold out of several old volumes, and updated pricing and availability here.

Smallest Monster woke up before she meant to, and was an absolutely miserable, sniffly terror until she took a nap (second try!) at nearly 11. I don't know what this means for her usual afternoon nap, but she's been a delight since she woke up.

We're trying Playdoh out as a new toy:

I'm not sure we're quite old enough for it - there were some attempts at eating it, and Mom's uptightness cannot handle the mixing of colors in the same tub.

Mom needs some booze food now...