February 20th, 2014


Thursdaily with advice from a chocolate bar...

I unwrapped a piece of leftover chocolate, and it told me: Take advantage of every free moment you have.

Which, well, have you been reading this journal or not?

(It was dark chocolate, so I'll allow it a little statement of the obvious.)

Today has been playing outside (at 15 below!), reading books ("Have YOU Seen My Cat?"), folding laundry, keeping the fire a degree from nuclear, and eating leftovers. I also baked some salmon that we'll make a salmon salad out of for dinner, with yesterday's bread. And I worked on a few fun projects and some freelance programming in every spare second I'm not being swarmed by energetic child.

Guppy has taken to saying good-bye to the ceiling fan when we go upstairs. "Bye bye ahhhhplane. Bye bye Mama's chair! Bye bye Papa's chair! Bye bye Kitty!"

She's unfastening my shoes right now... and the fire is burning low, so I'm off.