February 10th, 2014



Feeling terribly... uninspired.

Today, I am embracing that. Watching dust settle is fine. I have a mesmerizing fire. I can make bread, do laundry, scoop the catbox... and call that enough for the day. I do not have to be a creative powerhouse every day! I feel like playing on the floor with a bucket of letters... and I happen to know someone who would love to do that with me...

Mondaily follow-up.

Having declared today 'nothing gets accomplished' day... I er, accomplished things. I cleaned up several pieces of code at Sketch Fest, EMG, and my personal site. I changed the filter in the vacuum and then vacuumed. I made bread, did laundry, chopped wood, scooped the catbox, did some dishes, and finished two pieces of outstanding art. (Outstanding as in due to others, not as in fabulous... though I am pretty happy with them.) One of them in particular is a monster of some complexity, and I'm very pleased with myself for having finished it successfully. I will share once they've been approved by their respective recipients (and the canon board, in one case).

It also means I am cleared to start on another project that I'm really, REALLY excited about.

You'll see! *grins*

And a Guppy report:

Her two latest favorite words are 'broken' and 'ripped!'

In use: "My banana ripped!" "My cookie is broken!"

She loves the sound of ripping paper - which means I'm keeping a particularly CLOSE eye on books, art, and sketchbooks right now.