January 7th, 2014

Number 1 Dog Ribbon


A week into the new year, and I still haven't figured out my goals for 2014. (Though, to be more accurate, my lists don't tend to be 'goals', so much as a 'system' or simple list of things-to-do.) Still stewing over what I want to see done at the end of the year. I was pretty pleased with my accomplishments of last year, and while I don't want to be unreasonable, I do want them to be a challenge. I keep eyeing the monsterus minimus and wondering what she's going to be like this calendar year. In 2013, she went from rolling to running, from incapable of opening doors to able to navigate the stairs and unlatch the gate. What monster-y advances should I expect THIS year?

In other news, I am feeling your pain, lower 48! I would have kept our cold if I could have - it's been too warm to run the woodstove, and I've missed having a cozy fire going. Also ironic - you guys are having the cold snap, and we're the ones out of food. The produce department at the store yesterday had been STRIPPED. There were long swathes of empty displays. You could tell that they'd spread out the apples they did have to make it look not quite so bare. I'm not sure if trucks were delayed somewhere, or maybe planes coming through the midwest, but it was a sad, sorry looking department. Sucks being at the end of the supply line.

Got some programming done today, and started poking at how to implement a few other ideas. Guppy and I bundled up and played outside for a while, and I cooked up the rest of the broccoli before it could go bad. That's how exciting my life is. BROCCOLI, people, I BOILED broccoli.

Also, it has taken approximately seven hours to write this entry. I had other things to blog about when I started, but they've escaped.